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Komplett AS is a Norwegian e-commerce company with nine webshops in 3 countries in Scandinavia. The main part of their product assortment is computers and components, but they have also expanded to include photographic, Hi-Fi, TV, gaming and white goods. The headquarters are located in Sandefjord, Norway where the company was founded. In addition to their Norwegian operations, Komplett also runs webshops in Sweden and Denmark, and distribution in Norway through the channels Norek and Itegra. Komplett has three call centers for sales and support in Sandefjord, Norway and Gothenburg, Sweden. Komplett has a distribution center and warehouses in Sandefjord, Norway. Company turnover in 2015 was 7.3 billion NOK with 800 employees and 1 800,000 active customers.

An angry customer by the name of “csquared” wrote this review on resellerratings in the dates of 2004-03-31:

Ordered a Fuji S7000 Digital Camera. It arrived later than promised and totally inadequate packing. Although the shipping box was undamaged the box inside was badly dented and the internal plastic tray was cracked. The camera was not new ( the plasic cover that should have been over the CCD viewfinder was removed and there was a finger\thumb print on the screen. I had a lot of trouble getting an RMA numer and my attempts to contact Customer Services were failures. I eventually got a credit card refund but am still out of pocket for the return delivery and phone calls.

POOR Service


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Sales Directör (Former Employee) says

"Management, like its own company, has the mentality of offering false beauty with its own personal ambitions, basing everything on evil. The messages given are fake facts. Unfortunately, the Swiss Headquarters misunderstand this so-called administration with misinformation. The facts will emerge sooner or later. Supposedly, this management team should be under immediate investigation."

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"Awful company to work for, as an employee you are seen as expendable, pay was never on time, and never correct, poor management and supervisors, avoid at all costs"

SEN Support Worker (Former Employee) says

"the clients were lovely and I did my job to.the best of my ability but unless you don't have an opinion you will fit in and the manager doesn't support you or the clients unless they are end of life and wants to take all the praise Cons: training is rubbish"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Profesyonellik yok aile şirketi gibi insan kaynakları çok kötü çalışana değer yerine dert veren amatör sözde yöneticilerden oluşan çalışmamanız geren bir yer Cons: İnsan kaynakları üst yönetimin adil olmayışı"

flunky (Former Employee) says

"Staff is blatant about their racism. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU ARE OF COLOR!!!"

Medical Manager (Former Employee) says

"A stressful environment with no trust in colleagues. everyone is busy in flattering his/her boss with no thought process. If you could praise your boss plus MD then you may be successful in the company otherwise you will always be in continuous pressure of losing the job. If you are working in a good company and have a peace of mind then wouldn't think of going to Roche to kill your peace of mind and self-respect. Cons: it's difficult to count"

Contractor (Former Employee) says

"This group of people are the "help". Most are from public education or in other words, working class offspring. They only maintain the business. These people spend more time being politicians in a fantasy world of neo-Darwinism believing they are superior yet not understanding they are working class offspring with nothing to offer other than their substandard services. The best offering from this trash is to breed and own a house still believing their presence is justified. If you are not from a public school system and not another charity case with scholarships and a boot licker, then this in not a good place to find employment. And by the way, this is a collection of people that are also very fat and ugly, Cinderella's ugly sisters work here and yes they have jobs."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Péssimo lugar de trabalho, ninguém ajuda você a crescer dentro da empresa."

Lab Tech (Former Employee) says

"Not a great place for a family person, it is a good place if bully employees fire, because they don't want you to work hard and better than them. Also, they lie a lot, and there is more dirty competition."

Independent Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Passive aggressive culture. Claim they want employees to speak up, and those that are are reported to human resources. Mobbing culture, not about the quality about the outputs but how secure those around you feel. Culture of "she who complains to HR first" rules."

Operaia confezionamento e produzione farmaceutica o cosmetica (Former Employee) says

"non ci tornerei più alla roche, e una ditta che non consiglierei a nessuno,brutto posto"

Pharmaceutical Hospital Representative/Field Trainer (Former Employee) says

"Do not work here go somewhere else. Worse manager ever lost of favoritisms and not a place to work if you are a minority just saying . There are lost of racist people that dont promote color"

Bulk Manufacturing (Current Employee) says

"This location of Roche does not meet the expectations Roche around the world has. Management is not aware of the work being done. Inaccurate job descriptions and work hours are not at all reasonable. Worked almost 45-50 hours a week because of poor management decisions on a daily basis and refusal to reallocate work load."

Blood Glucose Technical Support (Current Employee) says

"This division of Roche is not the part of the company you want to be on. I was told this was the entry way into the company however it's very closed off from other divisions. They do not want to promote you or allow you to go to other departments due to the turnover being extremely high. The department is grossly understaffed which makes the job harder. They do not care about you do NOT go to this section of Roche!!!!!"

IT Product Manager (Current Employee) says

"I am finally resigning from the company. My manager is giving no support at all to me (who just promoted as a new manager from being colleague) and I am really facing a hard time to focus she said. It’s so sad to share that one of my colleague who was working with me since 3 years at Roche Middle East has eventually hashtag#resigned. It was enough for her to tolerate her manager behavior who was getting on nerves. She has been an exceptional performer, achieved targets beyond imagination and what a great potential she has. They did not realize who they have lost in the team. Now they’ll cripple and miss her. Truly: nobody wants to leave the company but due to organization’s culture and management’s behavior they decide to leave for good. hashtag#resigned. Cons: Discrimination, Lobby System, Politics"

Architect / Senior Developer (Former Employee) says

"Great company that treats its people with respect. Great product. Great people. Willing to let people take initiative and otherwise grow in their fields. Willing to allow people to explore other roles in the company."

Clinical Specimen Processor (Former Employee) says

"I hate that I'm actually taking the time to address this company and the clowns I had the unfortunate displeasure working with at Roche. But the lab area I worked in was full of fishy smelling, back stabbing, trouble making females. These women are uncivilized monkeys. Would it be domestic violence or animal cruelty? I dont know, thats why I didn't attack. So don't work here unless you don't care about yourself or have a license to carry. Cons: The people there think you wont see them in public one day"

diğer (Former Employee) says

"If you are honest, it is the company that applies mobbing. Cons: Mobbing"

eski çalışan (Former Employee) says

"Profesyonellikten çok uzak yöneticileri dürüst olmayan adamın adamı diyebileceğiniz kişilerden oluşan görünürde farklı İÇİ mobbing olan sonu gelmiş firma."

Paralegal (Former Employee) says

"My coworkers were anti white black people and anti straight lesbians. They had an office Christmas party which they cancelled the day before. We all walked out of the building. I walked with a coworker to my car to give him a ride home. As we drove past the building, we saw that they had secretly returned to the office and held their party with dancing etc. Cons: anti white, anti straight"

Delphine says

"I work for a company, I asked them something important and after 6 days without any reply, they told me : "This is not of any interest to us " I think it's really unprofessionnal. They could give me a number or something to contact a sales person. Or at least explain why. Plus, a customer person said that I don't get any reply because I'm speaking english and I'm based in France. That makes no sense!!!"

Graham Dyson says

"Just wanted to share an experience with the webshop Komplett.no. Our 20 year old washing machine died at the end of January (a Miele). Repairing was not an option, so after some research I landed on another Miele, and ordered from Komplett.no (who are in the Tønsberg region). Mainly because they state 1-2 delivery days on the website. My credit card was duly debited on 28th Jan. Some days later, I found that the earliest delivery could be mid February. I called to fix. Was told that the 1-2 days mentioned was delivery to the freight company! (I live across the fjord in Ås). I cancelled the order, drove to the nearest Power and brought home a new machine. This was all on the 30th. I checked my credit card statement today. Komplett had not credited the price. I used the chat interface. First, the hapless chappie said that there had been no debit. I said I was looking at the invoice for January. He then said it takes time to reverse the order. How much time?, I asked. A few days. But I have to pay the credit card company to avoid interest, can we not speed this up? Nope. Not possible. Really poor experience all the way! And why lie about delivery time on the website? Surely this is illegal? After this was posted, Komplett responded. We will refund when the washing machine is returned to us by the transporter! Ridiculous. This is Komplett.no's transporter! Why should I have to wait?"

Christian Kolderup says

"I received my new and fairly expensive computer ready installed with win 10. To my huge frustration it did not displayed and there was later identified a compatible issue with the hardware when we did some home investigation. Unprofessional that they have sold me a not compatible pc! I then had to return the pc and did this to their pickup point in Sandefjord at the 17 th of dec with a contact form and My name attached. I did not get a recipe and now I am afraid it is lost. I have tried them on phone, chat and mail. But still they have inconclusive answers. Very disappointed and Frustrated with a company of their size. NOT trustworthy! Ref svar så var den største frustrasjonen at jeg fra innlevering og i ca 2 uker (i juletiden) ikke viste om PC'en var under kontroll. Dere kontaktet meg først etter innlegget jeg hadde skrevet her. Da hadde jeg sendt mail og ringt uten å få bekreftelse. I tillegg ringte vi inn etter feilsøking hjemme FØR vi sendte inn PC der vi ref ejTag fikk opplysninger at PC måtte sendes inn for utbedring."

danny says

"Terrible store, does not accept my neteller mastercard even tho i have bought a 240hz screen for over 5k this year with the same card... Iooks like i will have to take my business elswhere."

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